Die SOPHISTen sponsern die REFSQ 2012

Mit Keynote-Vortrag von Chris Rupp und Goldsponsoring investieren wir in Forschung und IT-Nachwuchs, die wir als wichtig und essentiell für die Zukunft erachten.

Die REFSQ wird aufgrund internationaler Ausrichtung auf Englisch abgehalten. An unserem Ausstellungsstand werden wir Sie natürlich mehrsprachig beraten ;-)

Keynote-Vortrag: 21. März 2012, 9:30 – 10:30 Uhr

Chris Rupp:
Warning Signs for Requirements – On Trying to Measure the Quality of Requirement

Requirements specifications must be of sufficient quality, as they are the foundation for further work in the project. Misunderstandings in this early phase of a project have drastic consequences for nearly all subsequent activities in regards of costs and quality. Therefore, you have to be able to define and assess the quality of requirements and of a specification without doubt. But what is the best way to do so?

Particularly for specifications that consist of natural-language requirements, it seems difficult to make a definite statement about their unambiguousness, consistency, identifiability or necessity.

Exactly this problem is solved by an approach that packs the quality of natural-language requirements into metrics and focuses on linguistic quality while doing so. The lecture addresses the following questions and offers possible solutions:

  • How can the quality of a requirement be measured?
  • Which metrics exist in this field and which target values are good?
  • Which sample sizes make sense for specifications?
  • Do I have to measure and assess different types of requirements (e. g. non-functional requirements, general requirements) differently?
  • How to introduce an approach based on metrics in a company?

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