Tropics, Headscarves and skyscrapers

Again I had the privilege of speaking at one of the most important IT conferences (SOFTEC 2011) in Southeast Asia in Malaysia this year. And they have made a really good job. I was once again surprised by the hospitality and harmony of the population. My heart would nearly like to say that the great beaches and the jungle-climate have become my second home country.

The SOFTEC 2011 took place for several days.
This time I’ve been less irritated by women wearing a Hidschāb or Burka.
I have given the Keynote lecture on patterns, which has been on the one hand very funny but on the other hand also has been given a sense of the essential project culture. Everything went loose and rather laissez-faire than stressed. However the Malaysian participants have taken the lectures and the gained knowledge very seriously. They were continuously motivated. Speakers from western countries are perceived as big authorities and are treated with respect. This respect for the “Sensei„ is widespread all over Asia.
At the first day Stefan Sturm (CEO of IREB GmbH) and I held an all-day tutorial about CPRE certification. The room was full of participants and there were more interested parties than expected. They were also a lot of excited Malays who were on the brink of their CPRE certification examination.
At the end of the day I have made photos with quite every participant in groups or with the participants alone. It’s common in Asia to bring your family and friends photos of visited conferences or exhibitions. I did the same as an European.

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