Chris Rupp remains First Chairperson of the IREB e.V. Board

At the end of last year, the regular elections for the board members of the IREB e.V. were held at the general meeting.

Our Chris Rupp was reelected as first chairperson! For an additional tenure of two years, she will now try to convert the planet to good requirements engineering. In this regard, her goals lie firmly in the internationalization of the IREB and in establishing the CPRE as a uniform standard. Extending the advanced levels and increasing the well-known high quality are part of achieving these goals.

Rainer Grau (Zühlke Engineering AG) and Karol Frühauf (Infogem AG) have also been confirmed in their offices as second chairperson and treasurer.

Chris Rupp would like to thank you for the trust placed in her and is looking forward to the future cooperation with her fellow board members.

We wish the IREB e.V. every success in realizing its goals!

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