Affiliate program of IREB e.V. – SOPHISTs receive affiliate logo in platinum

Imagine nobody knows that your whole staff is CPRE certified, or thtat a lot of your staff is already certified and everybody should know that?

Then you’ll be really interested in our news:

IREB e.V. has already started the IREB affiliate program. Thereby companies can show outwards that they really care about Requirements Engineering.

To evaluate your affiliate status you just need the amount of staff in your company as well as your existing certifications. Advanced Level certifications carry more weight than Foundation Level certifications.The affiliate logo is available in silver, gold and platinum.

You can check your own possible status by using the following excel sheet:

To join the affiliate program you just have to announce your amount of staff as well as your amount of existing certifications to the IREB GmbH. Afterwards you conclude a contract between your company and the IREB GmbH regarding the utilization of the logo. Your company is announced as a partner on the website of the IREB e.V. and you are allowed to use the affiliate logo for example on your own website.

In Germany we say: Don’t just do good, be seen to!

We thought that’s a great thing. Of course the SOPHISTs will participate in this new affiliate program, too!

During creation of this article we’ve received the great news that we’re already listed on the IREB homepage. We’ve already received the platinum status especially because of our amount of Advanced Level certifications!

What about your company? Is your emblem the next one on the homepage?

In any case the SOPHISTs wish your company good luck regarding your receivable certifications as well as the secret calculation of points and planning of the internal affiliate logo handover ceremony ;-)

Best regards from Nuremberg

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